Frequently Asked Questions


You got questions and that’s OK – below are some of the most frequent questions we are asked. If you have any other questions about a career in Real Estate, get in contact with us. Also, sign up for one of our no-obligation Real Estate Career Seminars

Q: Can you still work while you are taking the courses?
A: Yes. The online and correspondence courses provided by OREA
provide the maximum flexibility

Q: How long does it take to get your license?
A: Generally it will take 10-14 months to complete the courses. The
program must be completed within 18 months from the original
course date for Course 1.

Q: How hard are the exams?
A: If you study and complete the exercises, you should pass the
exam. OREA has a Help Desk and trained instructors ready to
explain mathematical calculations, define terminology, and help
you with any other course content questions you may have.

Q: How soon before you begin to earn income?
A: Some arrive their first day with a listing, others take more
time to prospect before landing their first deal. Generally it will
take 60-90 days after a signed offer to be paid.

Q: Once I complete my courses, how hard is it to get hired?
A: All companies are looking for new sales representatives. The
agent population is aging and technology is changing the profile
for sales representatives.

Q: How much can you earn in your first year?
A: Results may not be immediate, but with hard work and effort
the sky is the limit. We have new salespeople earning over
$100,000 gross commission in their first year. You can too!

Q: Is now a good time to start a career in Real Estate?
A: Yes! Due to aging Realtor® population and more need for tech
savvy professionals there are many opportunities. The market
remains strong and we are located in one of the fasted growing
areas in Canada.